Living with Rosacea

Hello Friends!

I thought I would share my experience of living with rosacea. I developed this skin condition in 2005. At first I noticed my face was very red and felt like it was burning. I worked graveyard shift at the time and people would comment I had been out in the sun and got sunburned. The reality of working a graveyard shift was that I hardly ever saw the sun; I slept from 7am-4pm and was only outside very late in the evening when the sun was heading down, so that was unusual. Then after about a year I noticed I had a bumpy rash on my face and it did not go away. That’s when I saw a dermatologist.  When I saw my dermatologist, he prescribed Metrogel but after using that for about six months we realized it didn’t work very well. I next tried Finacea-prescription cream- which is great, it helps keep my real bad flare ups at bay, but rosacea is uncurable and will never go away unfortunately.

Finacea has at times been super expensive at the pharmacy depending on insurance coverage…one time it was over $200 but now it’s only around $60. One tube lasts around three months, so it’s not bad. I rub a small amount all over my face and neck at night after cleansing. When I first began using Finacea, my pharmacist (I developed a friendship with) told me someone she knew had got laser treatments from their dermatologist and had really improved her skin condition. Three years ago I tried laser through my dermatologist and it actually made my rosacea worse; instead of it just being on my cheeks, after laser it spread to my nose, chin, forehead and neck…so I didn’t do laser again! I was not happy spending money to make my rosacea worse, talk about a bummer!

Since that time I’ve used several different products to try and cover or medicate my skin and I’ve found several things that help.

To take my makeup off, I’ve found Estee Lauder Verite line, Light Lotion Cleanser to be the best, gentlest, and least irritating for my skin. I love this stuff and sometimes feel a little panicky if a certain department store doesn’t have it in stock. I usually buy this at Dillards or Macy’s. They keep threatening to discontinue the line and then I don’t know what I would do. I used an alternative this fall to develop a back up plan but it made my rosacea worse, so I won’t name it or recommend it.

I’ve tried many, many brands of moisturizers for my skin and only one works well for me, it’s Olay Total Effects Moisturizer-fragrance free. You can buy this at your local supermarket or Target. All other moisturizers, even $$$ brand names increase the redness in my face or cause more breakouts.

It’s interesting the rosacea makes my skin very dry- it’s always sort of peeling off, but also my skin is still very oily, so my skin is really very delicate and sensitive. I haven’t found any foods that make my rosacea worse but environmental elements affect my rosacea extremely. I can’t be out in direct sun or out in the heat of the day; that makes my rosacea very bad. This last summer hubs and I went on Trek with the young men and women in our ward (my religious organization, I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) to Martin’s Cove in eastern Wyoming and I was out in the sun/heat with no makeup on for four days (although I had a big hat the whole time). I wore sunscreen (sometimes sunscreen causes a flare up) but it was hot and I couldn’t ever get out of the heat really. My face looked bad, really bad…I worried that I looked like a burn victim and my face peeled/broke out for weeks afterward. But now it has calmed down.

Getting my hair dyed is also tricky with my rosacea. Every time I get my roots done, I have to sit under a hair dryer for approximately 20 minutes, that’s normal. But my rosacea doesn’t like that heat and most times my hairdresser (love ya Danica) gives me wet/cold towels to hold on my face. My face/rosacea is a diva and does not like that heat!

Another thing that affects my rosacea is stress. If I’m super stressed at work or for other reasons, my rosacea will flare up. If I’m not sleeping well or get sick, my rosacea flares up; so my rosacea is a super high maintenance diva princess and doesn’t like life to be bumpy! Stupid diva princess!

Anyway, these are things that make my rosacea worse. But I’ve found a great cream that helps cover it. It’s called NYX Color Correcting Primer. In the morning, I put this on my face over my moisturizer…it’s green and covers the red in my face so well. I love it! I found it at Ulta.  Then I discovered a great foundation that I’ve been using for YEARS…I found it soon after visiting the dermatologist…it’s Estee Lauder Double Wear-Light Beige. I’ve worn lighter colors in previous years but as the rosacea spread to my neck, it was odd to wear a lighter color (matching my normally fair skin) and then contrast that with my darker red neck…it looked weird. So the last two years I’ve worn light beige. It covers really well and I think it also protects my skin. If I don’t wear foundation, I seem to flare up more often and develop more redness. This might not be true although that is my observation.

I then just use any brand of pressed powder to set my makeup and then apply eye shadow and whatever else you want.

OOOH I also don’t use very much blush! I almost forgot to mention this…I use more bronzer than blush because my face is already red, so I don’t need more red. Bronzer seems to work better for me and then with just a dab (really tiny, think half the size of a pencil eraser…just a dab of blush on the apple of my cheek and that is it.

Below I’ve attached links to products I’ve mentioned and my YouTube video demonstrating how I cover my rosacea. I hope this is helpful for any of you who suffer or if you know someone that does, share this post with them.

NYX Color Correcting Liquid Primer

Olay Total Effect 7-in-1

Verite Light Lotion Cleanser

YouTube video-how to cover rosacea

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