Holiday Challenge

Hello friends!

I like to say friends because I think that if we knew each other, we would surely get along well and I hope in some way my writing brings some enjoyment to your life as well as mine:) I’ve recently joined an over 50 Facebook group for women and I love the way we all treat each other kindly and encourage each other. I think we all need more kindness in our lives.

I love the holidays and if you’ve seen my IG posts, you know I love to decorate and express my personality (besides fashion) through sharing my love for the holidays (all holidays really, I’m not too picky, but especially Christmas and Halloween). January through June is a dry spell difficult for me to enjoy cause there aren’t any big holidays I can decorate…I mean Valentine’s and Easter are fairly big holidays but I don’t seem to get the decorating bug as much as the others. But this is a fashion blog so I need to always find a way to incorporate fashion into everything I do! It’s really not that hard either.

So I’ve got this idea to bring fashion into the holiday season that’s different than what you’ve seen before! I decided to create a holiday challenge that I invite you to participate! Each day from now til Christmas, I challenge each of you to wear red or green every day in some way! When you wear your daily challenges, please share them with me and it will be wonderful fun!

Today I’m wearing my tan sweater from H&M, my red pants JCPenney, and my leopard booties Target-ANewDay with my leopard bag! It’s a great combination and also wearing red! Red is one of my favorite colors to wear….and also a holiday color! It’s a win win…join in my challenge everyone! Let’s make this fun!

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