Here comes the weekend! (and maybe snow)

Oh my gosh it’s FriYAY! I love Friday, cause it normally means some type of fun; be it a movie, going out to dinner, lounging on the couch, binge watching Netflix, or whatever. Friyay means fun for me, especially if I get to sleep a little later Saturday morning. I’m tired most of the time (shake my fist at my thyroid/hashimotos).

So tonight me and hubs will grab something to eat, most likely this fun Mexican place in Orem-Sabroso…I’m in love with their Street Tacos and then we are heading to Justice League! Yay! Such a fun start to our weekend! I love how my Justice League outfit turned out! I added my new Target ANewDay textured skinny pants to my “Aquaman” shirt and set it off with my fluorescent green/yellow moto jacket and black booties! I think I might look like a mermaid…a rockin mermaid! haha maybe not but that’s the story I’m stickin with!

Tomorrow I’ve got some yard clean up to do, hopefully before the snow flies because I have DEAD plants to clip down and leaves to rake ….but that’s really very relaxing to me because I’ll be outside, most likely bundled up a little and won’t have to think about work or any other stressful thing. Weekend’s are the bomb ya’ll! Have a great weekend yourself!

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