Fashion Meets Nerd

I’m facing a difficult decision… (I’ll just preface this with saying “First World Problems”) I have tickets (me and hubs, not just me) to The Justice League tomorrow night! So exciting really! I can’t wait!

My dilemma is…how can I still rock that fashion bug that bit me years ago (be myself) and represent another of my many fandoms??? Such a difficult dilemma! At the same time, this could be soooo fun to solve!

So I went to FanX (SLCC) last spring (March 2017) and got to meet Jason Momoa, actually got a picture with him…Oh My Muscle Goodness! Haha…I also bought a really cool “Aquaman” tshirt….so I’m thinking how can I wear that shirt and rock my fashion self?

Remember the textured skinny pants I got at Target? They almost look like a leather pant, possibly look like fins of a fish if you really use your creative eye (think cross eyed) and I bet I could pair that with my black booties and a fun jacket! Ok I have a green kind of fluorescent moto jacket and a purple moto jacket…one of those has got to work! Right? Then I would totally be REPRESENT MY FANDOM while being one with fashion! (Okay maybe that’s a stretch but I really think that to have fun with fashion, you totally gotta stretch yourself and do things you think might be awkward or weird or different cause that’s how people start trends right??) YES (in my mind anyway)….so stay tuned for my interpretation of fashion meets nerd! It’s gonna be so crazy! I can’t wait!

Just to get you all excited…I’ve attached my Jason Momoa picture! Justice League here I come!

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