Mixing Themes

Good morning! Thank goodness it’s Wednesday right?? I always think if I can get through Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday will be no big deal and then Thursday is close and Friday is a no brainer 😉

I’ve noticed something interesting going on with my looks this week. I’m a big fan of mixing items that you would never think match

. The last couple of days I’ve wore a few different patterns of pants that normally would be in certain categories of looks; for example: Monday I wore a holiday pattern textured skinny pant with a simple striped every day sweater. Tuesday I wore a tweed pattern dress flair pant with a boxy sweater, statement necklace and jean jacket? Today I’m wearing camo curvy pants with a velvet jacket and my comfy converse.

I think most people would not put these items together-holiday pattern sparkly pants make me think of a party, not going to work. Tweed pattern pants bring to mind a suit, maybe a formal work wear look. Camo pants definitely do not seem to go with velvet!  But I think that’s what make these combinations work! It’s so unexpected that it catches your eye but in a fun, interesting way!

Let me explain why these work 🙂 The holiday pattern textured pants: you have to look at these as a neutral even though they have a fun pattern. They are black and basically go with anything, so I paired them with my striped sweater and fur leather jacket, taking this holiday item in another direction.

The tweed pattern flair pants are essentially also a neutral. They have charcoal, tan, and cream colors that each color taken separately are neutrals, so this can go with anything…most people typically match it with something more office wear type but I paired it with a tan boxy sweater, a statement blue/silver necklace, and a jean jacket along with open toe tan booties. I love how this turned out and it has several unexpected items matched together!

The camo pants are one of my favorite neutrals next to leopard. The pattern itself is a light green, darker green and almost a gray green-while this is a green pattern, together it is also a neutral. Camo pants are typically kind of an edgy look -and I wear with my gray t shirt, black pattern converse, black fringe bag, AND MY PINK VELVET BLAZER! Which is unusual but so fun and unexpected again!

I think it’s really fun to mix unusual items together to create fun looks. I’m kind of a rebel, so doing this is my way of rebelling without actually doing something bad 😉

Have a great day everyone and mix different looks from your closet!

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