Holiday Every Day

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone is making it through their Monday! My weather here is just gorgeous (Utah)! It’s pretty crisp (30 degrees) in the morning but the skies are clear and afternoon warms up a bit (supposed to be 63 today). I think that’s near perfect weather; cold enough for sweaters and a jacket but not using the AC. Yep perfect weather, I love this time of year.

Another thing I love is the holiday wear type of clothing that’s in all the stores now. Gearing up for (someone) to go to some type of holiday party in (pants, dress, or shirt/skirt) that sparkly or has some kind of flair.

I’m just your average normal person. I work five days a week; most Saturdays are spent cleaning the house, doing laundry, picking up groceries for next week or yard work. I don’t go to a whole lot of BIG EVENTS. Last weekend we went to a Veterans Day concert with our good friends DJ and Becky Gibb and that really was very nice. The orchestra/band was amazing, the Utah National Guard 23rd Army Band and Granite School District High School Choirs. It was an amazing program and I thought that was a good excuse to dress up. Normally I go out to movies with my husband or we go out to dinner with our adult children and our grandchildren. Every once in a while we’ll do something fancy but not often. So I’m always looking to dress up for little things.

I love holiday wear (but I wear it for every day). Take today for example: I found some black stretch type pants (side zip) with an embossed type of sparkly design and I’m wearing these with my black/tan striped sweater, black booties, and tan/fur leather jacket (I got at Express about 15 years ago, still adore it and it’s amazing). I really think combining these items is unique, unexpected, and fun!

I think anyone can take a holiday item (one I’m identifying as having lots of sparkle, velvet, you know a fancy type of look) and pairing it with an everyday item like my basic sweater and I think it makes it really fun fashion with flair!

I also have a pair of velvet black pants I got on clearance after the holidays last year and I wear them with a black/white striped long sleeve shirt, my jean jacket, and my sparkly crystal necklace.

Another fun outfit is my black sequin top (got on clearance at Deb before it closed for like $2?) with my black jogging pants (unexpected right?), my burgundy cardigan, and black heels when I’m just going out to dinner. It’s fun and festive and I don’t have to be going to an EVENT.

I don’t think you have to attend an event to wear something sparkly and fancy. I love to make the everyday, especially Mondays sparkly and fun! If you have a fancy for some fun holiday wear but are like me and a normal human being, wear your holiday wear for every day! I know it makes my everyday less ordinary!Women’s Textured Skinny Pants

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