Save Yourselves! It’s too late for meeeeee

So last night as I got home, and being that I’m now an empty nester, all of a sudden found myself with TIME on my hands (seems to happen most every night) and I thought I would head over to Target to look for a jacket.

I’m joining the hubs and a sweet couple we know for a Veterans Day concert on Friday night and of course this is an excuse for me to wear something fun! I got a darling pink dress at H&M a couple weeks ago and since then have been looking for something…like a cape, shawl, jacket, whatever to pair it with….and it’s been like finding a needle in a haystack.

So off I go to Target, sounds safe enough right? Wrong! Run! Save yourselves! It’s too late for me!! hahahahahaha

I know this about Target, I love Target almost as much as Halloween and Christmas. I love Target more than Thanksgiving, but that’s not quite fair cause I don’t have that many Thanksgiving decorations…not a fair fight, Thanksgiving doesn’t stand a chance.

It’s getting close to the holidays and I hit the mother lode! I found a gorgeous pink/sparkle/textured jacket in the ANewDay section. It’s so pretty. I also snagged ANewDay baggy gray/white sweater that I will post some pics in here. AND….I got a gorgeous ANewDay pink pleated velvet midi skirt! Isn’t that perfect?? Pink, Pleats, Velvet, and skirt? It was made for me obviously (MFMO). Then just to top off my perfect shopping trip, I found ANewDay black/silver tone on tone stretch pants that look like a perfect start to a holiday look to go somewhere that I might not even go but I think I need to be prepared just in case I do go somewhere right? It only makes sense. I love holiday clothes and holidays and clothes and Christmas and Target and holidays and clothes… I said, RUN!

Consider yourself warned

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