Velvet = Love (someone tell me how to insert heart emoji here)

Oh my goodness, so this morning I woke up to rain on my patio and I just knew this would be the day I could wear my velvet jacket! Yes I have been waiting to wear my snugly burgundy velvet (blanket) masquerading as a jacket. I got it at Target and it’s so soft, fluffy, and important: warm. It seems like something everyone would love 🙂 So I had to wait for a colder day. I got up and looked outside and it’s snowing in the mountains, YES! Normally this isn’t something I would be super excited about, but….apparently today is opposite day. I’ve been waiting forever to  take this jacket for a roll and finally! I mean it’s November….seriously…do you know Friday it was 70 degrees? I’m sitting here with all these snugly sweaters and jackets in my closet and I’m a tiny bit impatient…like that’s a newsflash! Anyone that doesn’t know I’m impatient please raise your hand…see no one raised their hand. Everyone knows…

So there are several things I think could work with this gorgeous velvet bomber jacket:

  1. Today (Sunday) I wore with a black and tan/cream floral printed skirt-black crew sweater, and my black booties. I really think this is a fun look and the burgundy of my jacket set off my eye shadow blending skills from Saturday’s Urban Decay event and my lipstick, while really flattering the other pieces. I haven’t put these items together before, but it’s fun to be creative with things I already have in my closet.
  2. Friday the hubs and I are attending a Veterans Day concert with some good friends (Gibbs’ are you there?) and I have a dusty pink dress (slip dress type of material, slinky but with sleeves) that I’m going to pair with this jacket and I’m thinking it will look very luxe. I’ll add pictures on Friday.
  3. Tomorrow is supposed to be icky, rainy, and cold (high of 48, which means it’s snowing in the mountains) and I thought I would wear my leopard jeans, white tee, my tan booties and this velvet jacket to stay nice and cozy while returning to work because it’s a Monday and work I go 🙂 Just because the weather is dreary does not mean I dress dreary (that should be on a crosstitch-kind of like my motto huh!)

I’m so happy velvet is in vogue right now, it’s seriously the funnest and comfiest fabric to wear. It’s like dragging your blanket around with you all day, I’m surprised everyone doesn’t do this. It’s a blanket, no it’s a jacket, no it’s a blanket…maybe I secretly want a security blanket? Everyone, it’s your assignment to find something velvet to wear and rock that like it’s 1999! Bahahaha! Have a great week all!

Quilted Velvet Bomber

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