Outfit Goals

So today and yesterday was a H&M day…I’ll explain what I mean! I found a darling pair of plaid flare pants from H&M! I just love the style and fit! So I got these darling pants and thought it would be fun to create several outfits from these one pants and share with everyone all of you!

Yesterday I wore these pants with a darling jade jeweled baggy sweater from H&M; I wore a camisole underneath (to well you know protect the view), and matched it with my white booties! I’m serious this is such a cute look! I also combined this with my white bag! I love breaking fashion rules with these cute booties and bag! I thought it a real fun way to wear my white booties…it’s a real crisp fall look.

Today I’m wearing the pants again! Yes that’s ok cause I work at a different facility and really I don’t think anyone notices or cares about that except for me….haha! Today I paired with a charcoal ruffled sweater from Target-WhoWhatWear and was so excited because I wore my stiletto red Asos booties and red shoulder bag from JCPenney! The neutral pattern of the pants and charcoal neutral of the sweater is a perfect backdrop for the pop of my red booties and bag! Seriously it’s so fun and I love it!

I also have ideas for other ways to wear these pants:

  1. Pair with my lite pink sweater and if I had some lite pink velvet booties that would be gorgeous! (anticipatory Christmas shopping, honey are you reading this??)
  2. Pair with my burgundy ruffle sweater and silver booties with my bright pink bag….yes I’ve paired burgundy and pink before and it is gorgeous ladies! Try it out!

So for these cute pants I’ve identified four potential gorgeous fun fall outfits that will brighten up the winter ahead! Check out check pattern pants for yourself and have fun combining them with other interesting pieces!

Ankle Length Pants

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