Gear Up for the Holidays

Hello all,

Now that Halloween is over I can focus on…more holidays! Haha Seriously I love the holidays; January always feels like a let down cause it’s super cold and not much to look forward to other than more snow! Ice! and cold, dark days…eh not feeling it already!

Since I’ve been doing my blog I feel like I have things several times a week that I look forward. I love doing a blog and posting pictures on Instagram of my outfits and fashion. It’s really a new area of my life that I never thought I would be doing, but I really love to do, and wonder what the future will bring! It’s a new adventure and I love adventure!

Speaking of adventure, I love making fashion an adventure. I have this darling sweater from JCPenney, Libby Edelman and I’ve been brainstorming different ways to wear it than I did before. When I paired it with my black/white striped blouse from Ann Taylor, my black Stitchfix, Liverpool pants, and my black/white pattern converse from Nordstrom Rack, I felt very Parisian! It’s such a fun sweater, check out my link below.

All that would top it off (pun intended) would be a black beret (don’t have yet, but on my list). It’s a very fun look and I love it with my converse. I think this is a look some people wouldn’t think of putting together (especially the converse) but it’s different and fun and that’s why I like it! Let me know what you think and if you have a pair of converse – put it with something you normally would not- this is fun and trendy! I’ve seen it quite a bit lately in magazine and online! It’s super fun and an easy to incorporate with your own style!

Libby Edelman Cardigan

Converse Chuck Taylor

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