You CAN Go Go

Oh my goodness! Who else is getting on this white booties look?? The white bootie reminds me of a go go boot that I could wear with my Halloween (70’s costume) only prettier cause I’ve seen it with every day/work/evening outfits.

Some might think this is a young trend and something you can’t do…I guess you all know where I’m going with this. WHY COULDN’T YOU? It’s a darling boot, really fun, trendy, and I didn’t purchase the most expensive boot I could find either so it’s not a huge commitment. Some people might think it falls under the “don’t wear white after Labor Day”, but not me. I wear white pants most of the time too.

Important Fashion TIP: I think it’s helpful to go back to school when wondering what colors to put together in my everyday fashion choices: (my friend Sepideh taught me this a few years ago).Think of the color wheel, black for instance is a mixture of all colors and can match anything, white is no color and you can use it as a neutral (although a bright neutral), purple is mix of red and blue and matches either of these colors perfectly, orange is a mix of red and yellow, green is a mix of yellow and blue; Red, Yellow and Blue are primary colors. Leopard, camo, and polka dots are patterns as well as colors and can be mixed as neutrals. So when you think about a white boot, remember it can match almost any item or style because it is a neutral.

I thought it would be helpful to show you a few looks as examples for what I’m explaining (day/work/evening) The first pic could be an evening look but switch out the black jacket for a crew neck black chunky sweater and even the dress appears casual (just don’t have a sweater like that on hand). The second set of pictures could be evening (just because of the red jacket and is real fun; I love the pattern on the blouse, but of course I would probably wear this ensemble to work 🙂 The third set of pics I think definitely works for evening-the ruffles and sparkly stripes on the top along with the black moto jacket are super chic and would work for a night out. The last set of pic is what I wore to work today. You could also pair these booties with some jeans and a cozy sweater to run to the mall or hang out with your guy/hubs, and it’s a more casual look. Let me know how you found a way to have some fun with white booties! Really they go with anything! Links to a couple booties below:

Bamboo Peep Toe Slingback 

Faux Leather Block Heel

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