Bright colors=Big Fun

Hello all,

There are some bright colors that are very trendy this season (it could be these colors are trendy every fall/winter;) Burgundy and deep dark bottom of the ocean blue are so rich and just draw my attention.

That’s what I felt like wearing today; bright colors! I have a flannel plaid shirt (really I’m wearing flannel, but it’s also plaid which is trendy, so if you don’t tell, I won’t tell)that has deep blues and bright reds; and when the colors cross of course there are shades of purple and burgundy. I matched this with my dark wash skinny jeans, my burgundy (suede) lace up booties, my long ribbed gray cardigan….and my hot pink bag! Who says pink doesn’t go with burgundy? I saw my bag and thought “Oh my goodness, that is going to work and be so fun”! I wish I could walk around with my bag all day long… ha ha, I work and can’t really do that but I think (PINK) (and I like to rhyme) really works!

I love these colors, they’re so trendy right now, but also I think these are my go to colors. I think my coloring (hair, makeup, skin tone) really matches well with these, and so I love to wear them often! I sometimes think that women (possibly my age and older) think they cannot wear bright colors because of age or some other random fashion rule, but I think we need to challenge ourselves more often (if only with fashion; but as I’m a therapist-challenging ourselves keeps us growing and progressing throughout life, so that’s where I’m going with this). If someone reading this could do one thing that they don’t usually do and get out of their comfort zone I would be super pumped! Let me know the one thing you did that wasn’t comfortable (It could be wearing a bright color or speaking up when you normally don’t but do just one thing today!)

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