Patterns and Textures

Hello all!

I’m writing this Monday night, so you’ve got evidence that I survived my back to work Monday! AHHHH…then I get home and really?? My husband has not cooked me a meal! LOL I would love to have someone at home that had everything ready for dinner. Not that I don’t like to cook but at 5:17pm I DO NOT FEEL LIKE peeling and chopping a butternut squash (and I’m not demeaning women who are stay at home mom’s, I used to be one and it was hard work! I just wish I didn’t need to come home and cook when I’m already tired….I see that squash looking at me on the counter and I just can’t get the motivation (even though it would taste mighty good) we might as well eat cardboard tonight! Anyway, I survived Monday just so you know (maybe not cause I need food and we got Chik Fil A Saturday, I don’t have another excuse).

So I thought I would write in my blog (self-care-soul above food)….none of this makes any sense logically.

Yesterday I was thinking how pretty different patterns, shapes, and textures look together and how much fun it is to pair these different style elements. Try to pair several in one outfit and see how complex (sort of like flavors in a delicious dish, think “chopped) your outfit looks!

I wore a charcoal patterned dress yesterday, silver square earrings, with a black (leather look & quilted) moto jacket, along with a large flowered (fluttery) black/charcoal/turquoise scarf. The pattern in the dress almost looks snake skin (1), it’s real interesting and sort of tiny diamond shapes. Then I wore square silver earrings (2). Black moto jacket adds a different texture (3) along with a pattern (quilted-4), and then the scarf has a ruffly/fluttery (it’s not a flat scarf) which is a texture in my mind (5) along with the floral pattern (6). I then added my suede booties (7) to top it all off. I really thought all these elements made for a complex/fun outfit (visually interesting is a better description).

Today I tried to do something similar but also different: I wore my burgundy pixie pants (I think just the color-bold makes it on this list-1), leopard print blouse (2-one of my favorite prints), buttery soft leather kind of chocolately moto jacket (texture, along with lots of fun detail 3 & 4 for leather and pockets/snaps -visually different), sand dollar shaped gold earrings (5), and my suede like tan booties (6). I wanted to pair with another interesting item as a bag, I think something with a small tan/ivory print (makes me think of an expensive bag) would add some more interest to this outfit and be real fun! Of course you could snag something at a secondhand store or a smokin’ sale for the bag.

Anyway, are you getting a good idea of my suggestions? Try to combine as many elements that you can, as if you were a chef creating the most complex and delicious dish! I might still be hungry? Yeah no one’s cooked yet that I can tell…..I’m gonna have to complain to the management!

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