Joys of Age

Happy Weekend All!

I’ve been thinking a lot the last couple days about the benefits of aging. I think media, culture, old beliefs give us a skewed perspective about aging. I think younger women have this (fear? Is that it?) about aging that I don’t think is reasonable. Plastic surgeons make truckloads of money encouraging people (mostly women is my perspective) that we need to avoid aging AND look like we aren’t aging. Wow! That’s so much pressure right?!! Cause uh…everyone ages…I don’t think I’m making that up. WE ALL AGE and it’s not a bad thing!

I think we can choose how to see our life (I’m a real positive person if you haven’t already noticed) and I don’t think aging is a bad thing. I think there are lots of positive things about aging that people don’t talk about enough.

1.Free time-I have lots of free time now that my children are grown and out of the house. My children live nearby and we see each other often although I have free time frequently throughout the week after work and on the weekends. After spending 32 years raising children (My oldest is 32, that’s how I figure it and our youngest just moved out in June) it feels somewhat unusual to have free time but not a bad thing. It’s something I had to get used to but over time I think is good. My husband and I now can pick up and do something without making sure we aren’t conflicting with any school play or sporting event. There’s a lot of freedom in free time.

2. Grandchildren-I have six grandchildren with one more on the way. They are wonderful; each has a special place in my heart. Two are coming over tomorrow and we will paint little pumpkins, it will be sooo fun! When they (any of them) run into my house it’s so exciting to hear their little voices calling me, I just love it! Sometimes when my grandson Chris (6) comes over he knocks on the window next to our front door excitedly. A few days ago I heard a tiny knock at our door and thought it was Chris; I excitedly ran to the door and knocked really quick on the window, opening up the door and it was a little girl selling cookies but looked like I freaked her out with my tradition of knocking on the glass. LOL she quickly left, weirded out apparently. It was kind of funny but I didn’t mean to scare her.

3. Work-this one is unusual, before my children were grown (they were all in school before I went to work and returned to schooling), there was a period of time that I hurried home from work  to make sure they weren’t by themselves longer than need be. Now I don’t need to hurry home from work, although who wants to stay at work longer than I need?!! Haha kinda conflicted about this one! Too funny! My husband still works too, maybe we will retire in 10 years and sometimes he works late too, so if I get home I can work out, watch a movie, do my nails, go shopping, hang out with a friend, read a book, watch a movie (I love movies) or do some scrapbooking or home décor. This is one reason why I started my blog and it sure is fun for me. It’s something I never thought I would do before.

4. Travel-My husband and I could take off on a random weekend without giving anyone notice. There’s a lot of joy in that area. We haven’t done too much of that the last couple of months due to paying off recent wedding expenses (youngest daughter that moved out got married in June) but have plans of trips that we would like to do. Hubs and I love to see the country and would love to go National Park hopping. Last year we drove to Lake Havasu for his family reunion and returned home via Grand Canyon National Park which was gorgeous. I love road trips and seeing the countryside. We live in a beautiful country, I never tire of seeing this beautiful land we are so blessed to live. I would someday like to do some foreign travel, have only done a bit up to now. I would love to see Italy and Switzerland specifically. I have ancestors in Switzerland and Wales and have always love to see Italy. It looks so scenic and romantic.

These are just a few of reasons I think aging is awesome. I hope you agree it’s not a bad thing and have fun in your “free” years. I’ve heard them referred as “Golden Years”; not a bad name.

Granted, there is also disease and death that most people associate with age although young people and children develop disease and die. I’ve had five people very close to me die at a young age; aging does not have the monopoly on death. My grandfather will be 96 in a couple weeks and is in excellent health. We all will die at some point, I just hope that we learn to have joy in whatever stage of life we are in; FIND JOY IN THE MOMENT.  How can you find joy today? The sunrise, the sunset, the changing of colors in fall, the crisp mornings, grandchildren, the sound of birds; what brings you joy?? I’m LDS and having more time means I can go to the temple more or do work in family history, which brings me joy. Let me know what brigs you joy…

Another thing that brings me joy is fashion and dressing up! I’ve always loved dressing up. I usually dress up on Sunday and here is another Sunday Style. I purchased this dress a few years ago from Chicos and just love it. My husband calls it my rubber dress, but I think it’s real fun. I thought to add my JCPenney moto jacket for a little flair, my colorful black/gray/turquoise Talbots scarf, and my gray suede booties. Let me know what you think and if you could add some flair to your own wardrobe. Happy Weekend and love to all!

2 thoughts on “Joys of Age

  1. My son is away at university, and since I’m a morning person, I appreciate being able to turn up at work earlier than when I had to drop him off at school–sometimes I’m there before 7:30. (I know–crazy, but it means I get to leave a bit earlier, so it works out in the end.)

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