Good morning friends!

I realize it probably isn’t morning where you are and I post this later in the day but…it was morning when I blogged so there 🙂

I love fall…seriously, leaves are and have turned so many colors. The mountains just look orange now, I’m guessing because leaves are on the ground and that’s how it looks down here in the valley. Fall and spring are my favorite seasons.

I just wanted to share my morning with you: here I am at 8am outside, the sun hasn’t really came up yet, but there is a golden light all around. It’s not dark but not light yet. The area just above the mountains is glowing because you know the sun is coming and it’s so pretty and serene. I just love it. So I took pictures out in the road (being careful of traffic haha, everyone going to work or taking their children to school…yes I’m taking pictures of myself) and I tried to get the glow of the mountains behind me. It’s such a pretty time of day and it just fills my soul. There is sunshine in my soul today, which is nice because some issues at work have had me discouraged at different times this week. I need to fill my soul with things that bring me joy: reading my scriptures and watching the sun rise and just now seeing the beauty of the sun beaming through one of my trees that has turned a vibrant red. I’m so thankful for the beautiful world I live in and am surrounded by.

My outfit today matches the sunrise; a bright pink pleated skirt (you didn’t know you could get away with that right?) from Asos, along with a black/white plaid shirt and black moto jacket from JCPenney. I paired this with my textured pattern converse, a knotted silver skinny belt, and pink jeweled earrings (also JCPenney). My daughter Callie helped me with the skirt/shirt/belt combo because sometimes I just love something but the creative juices do not flow and my daughter McKenna helped with the jacket decision.

I’m so thankful for my children. It also fills my soul when I spend time with them. It was the joy of my life to be a mother and more joy every day as a grandmother. I feel so blessed.

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