Ruffles and Stripes

Ruffles are very trendy right now and so fun. I love the big ruffles on cuffs of sleeves; seems to give even the simplest top some pizzazz.

I have several tops with ruffles and I can’t get enough of wearing them. I got this fun top from Target, (apparently my favorite store haha) and fell in love with it from first seeing. It has a small ruffle edge on the high collar and hem along with a long cuff which I love. The colors are beautiful too with background of black with silver, gray, charcoal, and pink stripes in varying widths. Varying widths of stripes is intentional too, the wider widths are around my chest and hips, making me appear more curvy and the skinnier stripes are on my waist minimizing that area. Isn’t that perfect planning? Obviously I didn’t make the shirt but look for those things when buying stripes.

I think you could wear this top with many things. Today I’m pairing it with my black Stitchfix Liverpool pants and a Rhinestone/studded jean jacket from Chicos. I love the fit of the Stitchfix pants (Stitchfix is an online styling service you can subscribe to: you fill out their assessment and can schedule your personal stylist to send you packages every month or more often), they’re made from a heavy stretch material which is very flattering to my full hips. The jean jacket from Chicos I’ve had for more than a year and love the fit and cute details. I think both these items go with the top really well and make it super fun. I’m adding my slip on tennis shoes in a faux quilted black leather for a bit of texture. And I couldn’t help it, I added my jewel pink chandelier earrings! A light pink purse would look great with this combination!

I also thought I could wear this shirt with white or pink pants along with my soon to arrive white boots. YES you can wear white after Labor Day! That is an old rule that I think is similar to “The Earth is Flat”, someone just made that up maybe because they thought brighter colors in the winter did not work…however you can wear anything you want and I can prove it.

A few months ago I wore a mixed pattern outfit to work. I was super excited about it, had planned a few days before (taking into account the colors, pattern, and complimentary accessories). After work (quite a bit later) I was getting ready for bed changing my clothes and wouldn’t you know….I hadn’t wore the pieces I planned. I wore a different pair of print leggings with my print shirt and neither one of them worked together (the way I planned previously) but no one that day said “Uh I don’t know if you know, but that DOES NOT WORK TOGETHER”. It was too funny, so then and there I decided that it didn’t really matter what I wore, if I liked it, things would be fine, and the world would not end! There! Proof! FACTUAL! Ha ha seriously, please don’t be afraid to wear something a little bold or a little bright, or something you haven’t before. I guarantee that no one else has more judgments than you do, and if you silence your own judgments, you might discover you can dress your personality! LOVE to all!

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