Nerd and Fashion

I think it’s important to be myself; having said that, you should know I have always been a nerd! I remember having the hugest crush on Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford after Star Wars came out. I’ve always been a Star Wars fan, even in 1978.

Remember when Harry Potter was a “Scholastic” book in paperback and sold at your child’s book fair at school? Yeah we got several until it was cool for anyone. I’m not saying I’m ahead of the times, I’m just saying “I’m that nerdy”.

It being Halloween season I also feel the need to advertise my love for Harry Potter. I hope you’ll indulge how I incorporate this into fashion. My daughter and son in law got me a gorgeous t shirt at Salt Lake Comic Con and I paired it with my super serious (Sirius Black? Maybe that’s my jacket name?) tailored jacket from Target-ANewDay. This is a real trendy and fun jacket and is a little serious but pairing it with my Harry Potter shirt fits my personality, is trendy (graphic tees), and fun! I added my distressed jeans and gray booties that I’ve had forever from Macys. I hope you like it and get some inspiration to also dress your personality and have fun!

I’ve added pictures of my Harry Potter décor: floating candles, creepy table, and Sirius Black’s skeleton (or what’s left of him)! Have a fun day!

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