Morning People (me)

So I’m a morning person…it’s a little disappointing right? My eyes pop open at 5am; I force them closed on Saturday mornings hopefully til after 7am but there ya go.

Now that it’s getting later in the season, I’m all up and ready to go and uh it’s dark. That is totally getting in my morning person way! I like to see the sun rise and the sky get all pink and gold; I also like to get pictures of my outfits in the morning before I go to work because the light is really good at that time and after work is kinda hectic. NOW it’s getting dark so it’s hard to say “the light is really good”….what light?? It’s as if the universe is fighting against me, although logically I know it gets darker at this time every year. Eventually daylight savings time will come along and I’ll get to set my clocks back which is always fun and then that will help with the whole “going to work in the dark thing” but until then YES IT’S GETTING DARK and COLD. ūüė¶ Sadness

So as it’s still dark I’m trying to get some fun pictures; but we all love my velvet duster, so this is my¬†inspiration today to be cheery and not worry about lack of light! My velvet duster can actually do this for me! LOL¬† It’s soft and kind of shiny which makes me happy until I see the sky light up!

This time I’m pairing my duster with my (you guessed it) leopard booties. Is there anything more fun than velvet with leopard? I think not! I wanted to find another way to wear my duster because it’s so fun and each item in my closet NEEDS to go with more than one other item. It’s more fun and functional if there are a few cute outfits I can create with one thing I love.

So here goes, more fun with my ice blue velvet duster. You’re welcome. If you are also a morning person, let’s commiserate together about our lack of light in the winter waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (ok I’m done).

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