How To: Bold patterns with Texture

I like bold patterns and they’re so trendy right now. I have a black and cream flowered blouse from Target with double ruffled sleeves I purchased at the beginning of summer. Now that is bold! I always thought it would look good with silver shoes but did not have any.

Fast forward a couple months….it’s fall and I have a cute niece (Bronwyn, doesn’t she have a darling name?) that found the same top and paired it with some textured burgundy pants. This led me to put my top with my ankle pixie burgundy pants and my silver boots. I also added a kind of peacock burgundy necklace and burgundy crystal earrings from Charming Charlie’s.

You might naturally think that a bold piece like a blouse would need to be toned down with other separates. But I think it looks so fun with these rich pants and flashy booties. Something bold can be paired with another equally bold item if the texture is different.  For example, my niece Bronwyn with her textured pants or me with my glittery (they are textured) booties and interesting necklace (pendant). If you have something bold, look for a complimentary color (another separate perhaps) that has texture to pair and see what happens to your bold item! My guess is it will really pop!

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