Leopard Dress (two ways)

Hello everyone!

Hey our work week is almost over! Yay! (If my employers are reading this, I do enjoy my job)! Thank you so much for providing me a job 🙂 It’s good to have a job right? A job enables me to take care of my needs and some of my wants.

One of my wants is for fun clothes!

A few weeks ago I found a Leopard dress online (Asos, same place I got my red stiletto boots-simple joys of life) and this is a darling dress in my favorite pattern-Leopard! I’m so glad leopard is trendy right now, cause I’ve always loved leopard and when the stars align and fashion trends my direction….I can just say “Whee”!

Now when I ordered said dress, it arrived and is way too big for me. I mean a circus tent. Somehow, in my mind I always over estimate my size until I try something on. So I had to wait for the dress to be altered, cause there’s no way I’m sending it back in the hopes that they still have my size. Not gonna play my cards in that manner, no sirree.

So finally I get the dress back and now when can I wear it? It’s kind of party style, not really meeting with a client style (of course I push that with my loud style at times, but this just didn’t work). Finally today at work we had a training! Yay! A training day is sort of like a party right? I can stretch my imagination (all the therapists are there, we don’t get to spend this much time together, it was also a pot luck lunch at noon…yep that’s a party!) So I wore my dress, albeit somewhat worried about the “loud”, but everything worked out fine! You may stop holding your breath LOL.

I wore the dress with my cute boots and a red jacket, total training day attire right??I got home from work and decided to change the look with a different jacket and shades. Take a look and see how that changes the outfit. How could you do the same thing with something in your closet?

Asos Smock Pep Hem Dress

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