Fashion and Age Questions

I’ve had people ask me questions before such as: “Does this make me look fat?”, “Does this look too young for me?”, “Is this too trendy for me”? or statements such as “I could never wear that”.

I don’t think these are helpful questions or statements. I think women my age or approaching my age take themselves out of the living when they think these things about themselves or ask these types of questions.

“Does this make me look fat”? Is always a destructive thought or question. “Does this look too young for me” in my opinion is a non issue; clothing is made for people to wear. I think if the size fits you can wear it. “Is this too trendy for me”, also a non issue; if an item is something you like or a favorite color then wear it. “I could never wear that”, might not be true; I think “I haven’t worn that before” might be a true statement although does not mean “you” or “I” could not wear something.

Whenever I’m out with someone looking at clothing and they ask me “Does this look too young for me”, my answer is always no. “Do you like the color”, “does it fit” seem more appropriate questions.

I think as we (women) learn to dress our personality and take some fashion risks, we will be less worried about what others’ think and more in tune with ourselves and what we like to wear. I know the times I’ve taken a fashion “risk” so to speak, are the times I’ve got the most compliments on what I’m wearing. Maybe I should take risks all the time? What about you? Are you ready to take a risk in your wardrobe or fashion? Let me know what you think about age and fashion.

Today I’m wearing a lovely bow sleeve sweater (Express) which is trending right now but doesn’t seem much of a risk; it’s so cute. I paired it with my black/white plaid leggings (Kohls) and some simple black booties (a.n.a. JCPenney) and think this is super cute. You could also pair this with an floral embroidered bootie which would be more risky but really pay off with flair!

Comment on my posts and let me know what you would like to see more of or what help you need in the wardrobe department. I would be happy to help anyone out! 🙂

Open Tie Sleeve Sweater

Women’s ELLE Pull-On Skinny Pants

Arizona Olympia Women’s Bootie (similar to my bootie, last year)

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