Sunday Style

Happy Sunday my friends 🙂

I love Sundays, I always have and always will. Through the years I remember several of my favorite Sunday dresses. I love dresses too BTW. One dress I had in high school, sewn by my talented mother was a black dress with a subtle pattern of purple flowers that you could only see in certain light. That was one of my all time favorite dresses growing up. I identified it with “Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress-by The Hollies”, not me personally but definitely my dress. I have this thing for black clothes that I need to balance out with color.

Another favorite dress was my high school graduation dress also sewn by my mother. (When did the woman have all this time?? I also have six younger sisters and she sewed clothes for all of us!) This dress is purple (small flowers) and had ruffles around the collar, short sleeves (ruffles) and hem (ruffles). It was so pretty; give me something purple to wear please! I also have a purple bag, purple shoes, purple jewelry, purple jacket…although I digress we are talking about dresses.

One year I made (sew) myself  really pretty jacket and skirt out of a type of rose woven material (I can’t remember what it was) but remembered feeling very proud of myself for creating it (out of a pattern for sure) and it felt very svelte and sleek.

This last year when hearing my daughter is engaged and discovering her wedding colors, I found a gorgeous burgundy lace mermaid dress (David’s Bridal) that I absolutely love! Of course when she changed her colors sometime later, I am not one to begrudge a new dress am I? Not I! I kept said lace dress, please it’s lace! Really do you expect me to return that beautiful creation? I then got a tea length blue/peach flowered number that I also adore. Score! My husband always remembers I scored two dresses for ONE event 🙂

Today I’m wearing a really pretty black (don’t be scared, I’ve added color) and red flowered maxi dress by JCPenney (ANA line with a slip and shirt underneath due to see through) and added a (you guessed it) Leopard Cardi/Coat from Old Navy. I thought they are so fun together and it is tricky for me to stay warm at church (thus the cardi/coat). One Sunday I wore a sweater, tights, sweater skirt, socks, boots, a coat and my son’s wool jacket over me. I think that was a sign I had hormone problems LOL! Most times my inner thermostat is not that outta whack! Here are links and pictures of some of my looks.

a.n.a. Foral Maxi Dress

Leopard-Print Cardi-Coat

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