Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

That’s what little girls are made of right? Remember that rhyme? I think lace should be part of that rhyme.

When in high school, one of my classes was a literature class and I worked on creating my autobiography. I still have my autobiography, although I kind of laugh at it at times because I think I was a little immature. One section in my biography is “Likes and Dislikes” and there is a sub heading of clothes and material (oddly enough). In clothes I put dress pants, lacy shirts, clogs (!!), tennis shoes, dressy levis, sweaters, and dressy boots (See, I already had a clothes thing going). In the material sub section I listed flowered, lace, corduroy, levi, silk, velour, terrycloth, and tricot (really I don’t like terry cloth or tricot at this point in time and one thing on my dislike list was wool (which is still a thing! I can’t wear anything itchy which seems to focus on wool!) My dislike lists have changed a bit but they include holy socks, striped pants, tight pants, wool clothes (in parentheses I’ve added ‘itch’! Bahaha), tube tops, hats, cowboy boots, plaid, stripes, polka dots and again wool. I now like striped pants, wear tight pants, hats, cowboy boots, plaid, stripes, and polka dots! My how my tastes have changed! It’s fun to go back and look at the things important to me when I was 17.

I still like lace and that’s where we are going today. Lace, sheers, mesh are really trendy right now although I don’t wear see through items without something underneath. I got this beautiful lace blouse from Express a couple months ago and it’s lacy enough to be fun and trendy but not racy (ha I rhymed!) and I thought I would share three ways to wear this trend using my gorgeous lace blouse.

The first look I wore today with leopard (jacket from Old Navy)again! Tell me if you’re getting tired of this ok, but I really love leopard. Paired with this lacy blouse and burgundy pants (Old Navy) and my Libby Edelman flats (JCPenney) I’ve got kind of a Victorian classic look going on. I love how the burgundy and leopard goes together. They really set each other off.

The next outfit is a twist on the Victorian look from above but I paired the lace blouse with (Express also) destructed jeans and a pink moto jacket (JCPenney) with floral velvet sandals (Asos). This was a real cute look I posted really early in my blog.

The third outfit is my lace blouse paired with my Express jeans (again, I know I love them and they fit my body real well) with some pink Rocketdog kicks. It’s a kind of a grunge look but fits for me because the lace shirt kicks it up a notch that I like.

I think each of these looks is fun and maybe you could work lace into your wardrobe somehow. Let me know how you do this and have fun!

Lace Inset Ruffle Top-Express

Leopard Print Cardi Coat

Mid Rise Pixie Flare-Claret Red

Libby Edelman Claire Women’s Slip On

Jou Jou Lightweight Moto Jacket  (similar to mine, mine is sold out)

High Waisted Distressed Stretch Performance Cropped Jean

Steve Madden Foxi Flatform (sort of like mine, but mine is sold out)

Asos Holywell Velvet Heeled Sandal

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