Embroidered Style

Happy Hump Day everyone! Wednesday is that day where I think to myself, “I can do this, I’ve got through three days, I can get through to Friday”! I encourage myself like that and it works most times. 🙂 Friday makes me happy, in addition, you all know that I feel happy when I think of clothes, jewelry, or shoes….you can tell by my blog right? Here are some more details of what I love that happens to be trendy right now:

I’m a sucker for embroidery. Let me explain…

  1. Last year Santa (disguised as me picking my own Christmas present) gave me a sassy embroidered Bomber Jacket from Asos; it’s blue and gold with these gorgeous trout and flowers on the front and back.
  2. Earlier this year I was visiting my mother and sisters in Boise (Nampa is really where they all live, hi sistas!) and we (mother and I power shopping- it should be an Olympic Event…seriously) found a gorgeous embroidered jean jacket at Macy’s. I loved it and immediately snagged it up. The floral embroidery on the back, sleeves and lapels is beautiful.
  3. In a sprint to the mall I found a beautiful black embroidered shift dress at Express and oh my goodness it just called to me. It’s a little short for me to wear but I paired it with some interesting jeans I’ve destructed and my cute red boots. I even wore it to work! I did add a black Tee underneath because the dress has a slit in the back between about mid back to button at the top; it’s not me to show that much and with the tee on you can’t even tell.

Each of these pieces are unique but so fun to wear. I think embroidered clothing is such a beautiful look and very luxe; some might think it too trendy or risky to wear but I say take some fashion risks, wear what you love, and it will work just because you love it! I think it’s that simple.

Your assignment for today, if you choose to accept: Search for something embroidered and rock it! 😉

Floral Embroidered Shift Dress

Asos Premium Bomber Jacket (similar to mine, although mine is out of stock)

Macy’s INC Embellished Denim Trucker Jacket (similar to mine, although mine is out of stock)

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