How to wear Leopard

Hey all,

I have such a love of leopard print and it’s really trendy right now, even for women my age/older so I thought I would take some time and explain how you can use leopard print in your wardrobe!

Leopard is very versatile; it can exist as a neutral (dominating your outfit) or a pop of color depending on what you put it alongside.

Yesterday I wore my fitted leopard jeans (as a neutral) (Gap) with a ruffled gray sweater (also a neutral) (Target, WhoWhatWear) and decided (I need a pop of color) and paired these with my bright red booties (Asos) and moto jacket (JcPenney). In this outfit, leopard is a neutral; I used it in a greater degree (pants) which meant I needed to balance it out with a bright color, such as pink or red. I used red to brighten and lighten things up.

Today I’m wearing burgundy pixie pants (Old Navy) with a tan oversize sweater (H&M, although it looks pink paired with the pants) and needed a pop of color using leopard to highlight my outfit. I added my leopard booties (Target, ANewDay) along with a leopard bag (JCPenney).

I think this illustrates how you can use leopard as the focus (first outfit) or as a pop of color (second outfit). I think leopard is always fun to wear; you could always add some fun leopard with a scarf if you are hesitate to commit fully 🙂 Leopard is something women my age and older can wear with confidence!

Let me know how you are using leopard or ask me any questions about adding leopard into your outfit! I’m happy to answer if anyone is confused about how to use this wonderful and fun print!

Links to my items are below:

Mid-Rise Pixie Ankle Pants

Leopard True Skinny Ankle Jeans

Women’s Ruffle Any Day Pullover-ANewDay

Asos Emberly Point Ankle Boots

Women’s Bridget Mod Bootie

Project Runway Red Moto Jacket

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