Woman on the Moon

Happy Friday!

I don’t think I’m ever gonna walk on the moon….but…. I fell in love with these boots the minute I saw them and they have kind of a moon walking vibe.

I’ve been looking for silver boots for awhile, (you might remember my princess boots from yesterday, although these are different)…I looked a few different places; H&M has something similar but sold out of my size (this look is fun, trendy, and stock moves quickly), so I checked a few different places online and finally found the perfect boot on Nordstrom Rack-Chase & Chloe -Ava Bootie. They are comfortable to wear (some boots don’t have that comfy factor) and less than $35 which is a big deal for me, I don’t like to buy items full price:)

I have a co worker that has silver chunky boots and I’ve always thought they were super cute, so when I saw these I was hooked. Several of my co workers were distracted by them in our meeting and one great lady said she couldn’t stop looking at them.

I think these would look good with some distressed jeans and a sweatshirt or sweater. They are trendy but seriously a lot of fun. I have a ruffled black/white floral print shirt from Target-WhoWhatWear that would be fun with these boots, jeans, and maybe a combat/green style jacket. The more I think about it, the more versatile I think they are.Chase & Chloe -Ava Booties

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