Princess Shoes!


My work week is almost over and I’m super excited, but more excited to share with you my princess shoes! That might sound funny as I’m 53 years old, but let me explain 🙂

A couple of weeks ago I got to go to two of my grandchildren’s birthday party! The six year old and three year old are in the same family with birthdays close together so their parents (my son and daughter in law) had a family party for both of them. My granddaughter (three years old) is super into everything princess and was so excited every time she opened a present, exclaiming “Oh My Gosh”! She got princess heels, a crown, a hat, princess dress, and a “Frozen” karoke machine shaped like a beautiful purse. It was darling and I had so much fun seeing both of them so happy. My grandson (age six) got a lot of Star Wars and Lego stuff (raising that kid right!) My seven year old granddaughter (whose birthday it wasn’t) told me “Grandma, I’m not jealous at all”, LOL! And my cute little two year old grandson just ran around in circles being silly! It was such a fun day to spend with all my children and grandchildren.

Anyway the whole point of my story is that I think we when get older we sometimes lose joy over simple things in life or think we are too old.  A week or so ago, I found a gorgeous striped pink/blue/silver sweater at H&M and fell in love with it, knowing it would work perfect with my pink pants but wishing I had some sparkly boots to set the whole outfit off. Then to my wonder a princess miracle happened! I found a pair of glittery, sparkly, silver booties! I found my princess shoes! OH MY GOSH! I was so excited to wear these darling boots and I felt like a princess.

I think to myself, do we deprive ourselves of simple joys only because we are a certain age and think we are too old? Are we losing our sense of adventure or imagination or fun? Please don’t pigeon hole yourself into a square peg just because you are my age or older. I challenge each of you to find your “princess shoes” and live each day joyfully!MIA Utility Peep-Toe Bootie (princess)

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