Pink got me like….

Sometimes a color just grabs hold of me and I love to wear it with everything! Pink is like that for me! I’ve never had pink pants before but once I got these darling ones from Old Navy, they are so flattering and I just love the pop of color (ok it’s more than a pop, I’ll be honest) I just find so many ways to wear them!

Today I wore my pink pants #oldnavy with a cute #oldnavy graphic tee (original style courtesy of and added my #target #ANewDay plaid jacket. Seriously people, fashion should be fun and we all can join in! I loved how these pants wore so well throughout the day into the evening and I think they were very slimming.

Get out there and grab yourself a pop (or more) of color! Take a risk and have fun dressing yourself! Some women my age think they can’t wear trends because of age; I think we “age” ourselves by not trying new things. We can get stuck in a rut and not even know it. You are never too old for some color 🙂

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