I’m lovin’ this

Happy Monday everyone! I don’t usually say this on Mondays but today the sun is shining and after a few days of rain, even sunshine on a Monday makes me happy.

I am super excited to share with you more new found fashion loves! I found this gorgeous velvet kimono at #JcPenney and oh my goodness it’s so bright, colorful, and really fun! It’s just my style. I paired it with a black #madewell top, my fun plaid #kohs stretch leggings and these pearl/stud ballet flat from #jcpenney #libbyedelman. I love how all this works together. When it gets colder I might wear a black turtle neck instead or you could put the kimono with your favorite jeans and black kicks. This really is a fun add to my wardrobe.

The Libby Eldelman flats are a trend I’ve had my eye on for awhile. I saw something similar in an upscale store but just couldn’t afford too $$$ and these are perfect for my budget while still trendy and fit my personality. I love the ballet ties too, I haven’t tried that before but such a cute pop of fun along with the pearls and studs on the front of the foot. I will proabably wear these with dresses too and when summer comes around again, will work great with some of my capri pants! They are so versatile.

Let me know if you have added these two trends to your wardrobe and how you like them. I think it’s fun to be trendy a little bit every day (I don’t have to be younger to wear trends) and I will wear these two pieces often they are so cute!

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