What’s red and tan with black stripes/studs?

Today’s outfit! Sometimes I think I’m funny but my adult children assure me I’m not lol. Actually red is one of my favorite colors to wear, it really goes well with my features (platinum or brown hair) and I have lots of red in my wardrobe. I got this gorgeous red jacket last year at Nordstrom Rack and I wear it everywhere!

As I was trying to decide what to wear today, (let’s be honest, I think everyone looks at their closet and doesn’t know what to wear), I wanted to wear a sweater cause it was chilly but still wanted a fun pop of color. It’s just my personality to wear something a little funky or interesting whether it’s shoes, jewelry, or a cool top/pants. When I set my eyes on this sweater/pants/booties/jacket combo I was really excited. I wore my red jacket all day and felt very stylin even though I was at work.

I have two kinds of red pants, red sweater, red shirt, red jacket, and I have to tell you I have some patent red booties coming in the mail! I can’t wait! I just love the color red! and it’s such in trend right now, it’s so fun! What red items do you have that you can add to your daily ensemble and feel more stylin? Let me know how you do it too!

Have a great Saturday! Mine is extra special because I get to spend the day with my sweet two year old grandson, Kale. He is such a cutie!

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