Gotta wear velvet

So it was supposed to be stormy weather today and I knew! I just knew it was the perfect time to wear my velvet pants!

This is me at a store: I see something fuzzy/furry/shiny/sparkly/purple/pretty print and I stop…I have to touch it….if it’s soft then I’m hooked….”honey”? It’s so soft, feel how soft this is”….

So this is how I purchase many of my clothes…oh it’s so soft! So when I see that velvet is big, I’m so excited! “It’s so fluffy”! Let me know if you know what movie that quote is from.

It turned out to be a sunny day and I drove home in my hot/black car starting to get a little sweaty, but #sorrynotsorry cause I love my velvet! I did quickly change once home….here are my outfits for today 🙂

Velvet pants #whowhatwear #target, striped shirt and black booties #jcpenney ANA line, and jean jacket #stitchfix Liverpool. My gorgeous necklace is #anntaylor.

Change for the heat! Striped (light) sweater #handm, jeans (of course my fav) #express! Have a great day whether cool or warm!

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