Victorian Moto

I know, you’re thinking “Victorian Moto” doesn’t sound like a thing and I have to admit to myself that I notice I don’t stick with one style in one outfit. Who knows what’s going on there?? LOL BUT I think it works!

Lace, or rather mesh is super trendy right now although see through clothing doesn’t work for me so I found this gorgeous #express lace blouse that fits the bill along with my #express jeans. Moto jackets, especially leather look are trendy also and this one in a lovely pink #jcpenney #soworthit I(heart)Ronson is super cute! To top it off I added a gorgeous velvet (also super trendy) floral sandals #asos and I have my Victorian moto look down!

I did an updo with my hair, almost accidentally cause I had it in a bun yesterday (just didn’t feel like doing anything) and today it’s in these fun waves as I have somewhat curl in my hair…so I just bobby pinned it up and voila! The hair works with the outfit! How often does that happen?? LOL

I hope you can have fun with some trends going on too: velvet, mesh/lace, and moto. Don’t be afraid to try new things and above all….have fun!

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