Haute Fashion for All

Hello everyone!

I went to the City Creek Fashion Show (Salt Lake City) on Saturday and want to show this week how you can apply some fun trends out now!

One thing I saw quite a bit and super cute is oversize shirts and jean jackets. In the fashion show, it was styled for younger/college age women but I think it works for me too! One look from #chicos styled a maxi button up dress as an oversized jacket/cardigan. It was also super cute but I neglected to get a pic 😦

Here I am in an Aztec print maxi skirt #macys, black shirt #madewell #Nordstrom, gladiator sandals #jcpenney #soworthit Arizona jeans line, and I added my somewhat oversized front tie jean shirt #chicos. I think it’s a real fun look and matches my personality. I also changed my eye color (golds and browns, I always fall for the 705 #CoverGirl G FR TH GLDS, originally created for Star Wars) for fall.

Let me know how you’re changing your look for fall! Try to fit in (LOL) some oversized shirts or jackets! Follow me on IG @hautechocolate4fashion

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