Age Positivity

Happy Saturday all!

I admire and follow some great body positivity women on IG. I’m a mental health/addiction therapist (CMHC) in my day job and observe many women struggling with body image and aging. I notice in the media and in general around me, a feeling of fear or dread when women speak about aging. I started a blog to bring more awareness and acceptance of aging; it might even be an enjoyable journey. I recognize that with aging, many people suffer from health problems they did not have when younger, I do too but I don’t think that means we stop living and enjoying life as it is-as we experience it. I enjoy life quite a bit through fashion.

I would like to be a kind of role model for other women my age and older, maybe even younger women that aging is a normal and enjoyable part of life. I’m heading off to “City Creek Fashion Show” (Salt Lake City) tonight, first time I’ve ever done that, by myself, and I think it’s going to be great fun! I love clothes and love trying to create an interesting outfit.

Today I’m wearing a mustard yellow, bell-double ruffle sleeve blouse from #JcPenney #SoWorthIt and these HAUTE #whowhatwear #Target pleather pants with my super fun #Target ANEWDAY (new line) leopard booties. Now all this is super trendy and quite a bit feisty which normally wouldn’t work for me at work but as I’m going out I think it’s perfect. I have worn my pleather pants before to work but toned down their “wow” with a baggy sweater or casual/baggy sweatshirt which makes it ok for work but super fun.

One day at work we (employer) had educational consultants tour our facility (residential treatment) and I was wearing one of my “louder” outfits, trying to mix some prints and bright colors. It makes me laugh to remember both of them looked at me while trying to be polite and said “you sure have some bright colors there”! I was thinking they meant I was pretty loud LOL but it was one of my favorite outfits so I didn’t take it personally. I do dress somewhat more conservative (less loud) when I know a client’s (young adults) parents are coming into town and I want to make a “mature” impression. Which brings me to another topic: my voice! You’re gonna love this-

I have a very distinctive voice, to be perfectly clear, I have a very young sounding voice. When telemarketers used to call our landline, they would ask “honey is your mommy home”? and I would honestly say, “no she’s not” LOL because I was 35! So in my work I speak with a lot of people on the phone and I have to constantly try to convince people I am mature/old (really, I do)…it’s just a real weird dichotomy…women aren’t supposed to talk about their age (stupid rule) and here I am telling people how old I am to try and make them think I am responsible because they just don’t get it from my voice or the way I dress either! It’s too funny! One of these days I will do a live video so you can hear me speak 😉

Anyway, I hope each of you takes a little risk (like I’ve been doing) in fashion, in your life, show your personality, and have some fun.

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