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Woman on the Moon

Happy Friday!

I don’t think I’m ever gonna walk on the moon….but…. I fell in love with these boots the minute I saw them and they have kind of a moon walking vibe.

I’ve been looking for silver boots for awhile, (you might remember my princess boots from yesterday, although these are different)…I looked a few different places; H&M has something similar but sold out of my size (this look is fun, trendy, and stock moves quickly), so I checked a few different places online and finally found the perfect boot on Nordstrom Rack-Chase & Chloe -Ava Bootie. They are comfortable to wear (some boots don’t have that comfy factor) and less than $35 which is a big deal for me, I don’t like to buy items full price:)

I have a co worker that has silver chunky boots and I’ve always thought they were super cute, so when I saw these I was hooked. Several of my co workers were distracted by them in our meeting and one great lady said she couldn’t stop looking at them.

I think these would look good with some distressed jeans and a sweatshirt or sweater. They are trendy but seriously a lot of fun. I have a ruffled black/white floral print shirt from Target-WhoWhatWear that would be fun with these boots, jeans, and maybe a combat/green style jacket. The more I think about it, the more versatile I think they are.Chase & Chloe -Ava Booties

Princess Shoes!


My work week is almost over and I’m super excited, but more excited to share with you my princess shoes! That might sound funny as I’m 53 years old, but let me explain 🙂

A couple of weeks ago I got to go to two of my grandchildren’s birthday party! The six year old and three year old are in the same family with birthdays close together so their parents (my son and daughter in law) had a family party for both of them. My granddaughter (three years old) is super into everything princess and was so excited every time she opened a present, exclaiming “Oh My Gosh”! She got princess heels, a crown, a hat, princess dress, and a “Frozen” karoke machine shaped like a beautiful purse. It was darling and I had so much fun seeing both of them so happy. My grandson (age six) got a lot of Star Wars and Lego stuff (raising that kid right!) My seven year old granddaughter (whose birthday it wasn’t) told me “Grandma, I’m not jealous at all”, LOL! And my cute little two year old grandson just ran around in circles being silly! It was such a fun day to spend with all my children and grandchildren.

Anyway the whole point of my story is that I think we when get older we sometimes lose joy over simple things in life or think we are too old.  A week or so ago, I found a gorgeous striped pink/blue/silver sweater at H&M and fell in love with it, knowing it would work perfect with my pink pants but wishing I had some sparkly boots to set the whole outfit off. Then to my wonder a princess miracle happened! I found a pair of glittery, sparkly, silver booties! I found my princess shoes! OH MY GOSH! I was so excited to wear these darling boots and I felt like a princess.

I think to myself, do we deprive ourselves of simple joys only because we are a certain age and think we are too old? Are we losing our sense of adventure or imagination or fun? Please don’t pigeon hole yourself into a square peg just because you are my age or older. I challenge each of you to find your “princess shoes” and live each day joyfully!MIA Utility Peep-Toe Bootie (princess)

Pink got me like….

Sometimes a color just grabs hold of me and I love to wear it with everything! Pink is like that for me! I’ve never had pink pants before but once I got these darling ones from Old Navy, they are so flattering and I just love the pop of color (ok it’s more than a pop, I’ll be honest) I just find so many ways to wear them!

Today I wore my pink pants #oldnavy with a cute #oldnavy graphic tee (original style courtesy of and added my #target #ANewDay plaid jacket. Seriously people, fashion should be fun and we all can join in! I loved how these pants wore so well throughout the day into the evening and I think they were very slimming.

Get out there and grab yourself a pop (or more) of color! Take a risk and have fun dressing yourself! Some women my age think they can’t wear trends because of age; I think we “age” ourselves by not trying new things. We can get stuck in a rut and not even know it. You are never too old for some color 🙂

Hair today (but I’m not gonna say gone tomorrow)

Hey all,

I thought I would share part of my struggle these last few years that maybe some of you will relate. Many women my age, through disease or hormone changes suffer from thinning hair or hair loss. I have struggled with this also; I have Hashimotos (autoimmune disease) that first started with hypothyroid (a thyroid disease). The last three years my disease shifted into high gear (I’m only guessing) and I started to lose a great deal of hair. I have a lot of hair but it’s baby fine and has been really distressing to lose hair. I also had other symptoms, such as fatigue, muscle aches, almost constant illness (sore throat, flu like symptoms), was irritable, emotionally up and down every day, constantly stressed, consistent weight gain, skin problems (irritation, dryness, breakouts, along with rosacea) and previously my menstrual periods were extremely heavy and inconsistent necessitating a endometrial ablation in 2008 which helped solve that problem. I had anxiety, depression, and quickly shifting moods. I never knew (and neither did my family) what would set me off and I’m normally a really chill happy person, that’s always been my personality in years past. My traditional doctor even recommended thyroid removal because the disease had attacked my thyroid so severely that I had unnumbered lumps and they were afraid of cancer. I had my thyroid removed in 2012, although my symptoms did not change.

Two years ago I went to a natureopathic specialist in my area (let me know if you want the name) and they did blood tests, adjusted quite a few of my hormones and added in supplements. I also went gluten and soy free. In the last two years all the above symptoms have decreased to almost minimal except for hair loss.

The last four weeks my natureopathic doctors decreased my dose of Naturethroid (a natural thyroid medication) and added an iron supplement which seems to have slowed my hair loss which is so exciting!

The reason I’m explaining all of this is to share the hair extension I’ve been using since around May. It’s called “Halo” and it sits on top of my head sort of like a hat except it hangs down next to my ears and over the top of my head with a clear wire filament. It’s really helped me manage my hair loss without freaking out too much. My niece @brhaws @suggestionssalon helped me get the Halo extension and then dyed it to match my own hair. I think she did a great job and I get compliments all the time on how my extensions match my own hair perfectly.

If any of you are struggling with hair loss you are not alone, send me a message if you would like more information.

Happy Tuesday my friends!

I’m lovin’ this

Happy Monday everyone! I don’t usually say this on Mondays but today the sun is shining and after a few days of rain, even sunshine on a Monday makes me happy.

I am super excited to share with you more new found fashion loves! I found this gorgeous velvet kimono at #JcPenney and oh my goodness it’s so bright, colorful, and really fun! It’s just my style. I paired it with a black #madewell top, my fun plaid #kohs stretch leggings and these pearl/stud ballet flat from #jcpenney #libbyedelman. I love how all this works together. When it gets colder I might wear a black turtle neck instead or you could put the kimono with your favorite jeans and black kicks. This really is a fun add to my wardrobe.

The Libby Eldelman flats are a trend I’ve had my eye on for awhile. I saw something similar in an upscale store but just couldn’t afford too $$$ and these are perfect for my budget while still trendy and fit my personality. I love the ballet ties too, I haven’t tried that before but such a cute pop of fun along with the pearls and studs on the front of the foot. I will proabably wear these with dresses too and when summer comes around again, will work great with some of my capri pants! They are so versatile.

Let me know if you have added these two trends to your wardrobe and how you like them. I think it’s fun to be trendy a little bit every day (I don’t have to be younger to wear trends) and I will wear these two pieces often they are so cute!

Weekend Revival

Good afternoon everyone! I had the best weekend! For starters, I got to spend the whole day with my two years old grandson, the weather was kind of drizzly, and he was such a snuggle bunny! I love that! He’s so cute!

Then I got to listen to the LDS broadcast of conference, women’s session last night which is another way I am empowered as a woman. I very much enjoyed the messages of peace, service, and connection as I am trying to live to be more like the Savior Jesus Christ.

Sunday we went to church which I love and helps me feel so much peace and then in the afternoon my newly married daughter and her new husband came over to visit. I feel so renewed. Really…time with my loved ones is one of the most important things to me and I count my blessing by the times I spend with them, so precious.

I thought to share a look from Sunday: I got this jacket from H&M some time ago and could never figure out what to wear with it but just love the colors and pattern. Last winter/spring I found a sparkly pleated midi skirt from WhoWhatWear Target and finally put my look together with a gorgeous navy blouse from Stitchfix and pumps. I know this sparkly skirt was originally for the holidays but I like to wear it for any occasion because I really like sparkle. Sparkle makes me happy, especially on a drizzly day.

Is there some way you can incorporate sparkle into your every day? I don’t think it’s just for the holidays. Take a risk and sparkle 🙂

What’s red and tan with black stripes/studs?

Today’s outfit! Sometimes I think I’m funny but my adult children assure me I’m not lol. Actually red is one of my favorite colors to wear, it really goes well with my features (platinum or brown hair) and I have lots of red in my wardrobe. I got this gorgeous red jacket last year at Nordstrom Rack and I wear it everywhere!

As I was trying to decide what to wear today, (let’s be honest, I think everyone looks at their closet and doesn’t know what to wear), I wanted to wear a sweater cause it was chilly but still wanted a fun pop of color. It’s just my personality to wear something a little funky or interesting whether it’s shoes, jewelry, or a cool top/pants. When I set my eyes on this sweater/pants/booties/jacket combo I was really excited. I wore my red jacket all day and felt very stylin even though I was at work.

I have two kinds of red pants, red sweater, red shirt, red jacket, and I have to tell you I have some patent red booties coming in the mail! I can’t wait! I just love the color red! and it’s such in trend right now, it’s so fun! What red items do you have that you can add to your daily ensemble and feel more stylin? Let me know how you do it too!

Have a great Saturday! Mine is extra special because I get to spend the day with my sweet two year old grandson, Kale. He is such a cutie!